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chloe, british whovian

constantly crying over people who are way too attractive for their own good


my followers are cuter than ur followers

tardissauce replied to your post: anonymous asked:Hail Hydra …

someone hasn’t seen captain america 2 yet…

eek whoops, sorry not sorry

see this is what happens when i dont go on tumblr, i dont understand the new references, im not hip and cool anymore, im so out of the loop. this is what it feels like to be old.

disneykid321 said: Pick a random underrated animated movie?

this feels like some sort of magic trick and you have to guess which one im thinking of 

Anonymous said: Hail Hydra

(im so confused)

valiyria replied to your post: valiyria replied to your post: psst he…


yeah, shes such a plum 



psst hey hey

yeah psst

does anyone want to talk to me?

*whispers* hail hydra

i dont know what this means but, yeah same to you too and have a nice day

disneykid321 said: If you could instantly teleport to any spot on this planet (with a free return trip) where would you go and why?

oh lord - wait so is it just travelling or can i go in time as well? but just teleporting, i wouldnt even know - i’d just pick disneyland or something even though theres thousands of better places i could go

disneykid321 said: KMF- Chris Evans, Matt Smith, and Dylan O'Brien?

idk if its kill or kiss, i’ll go for kiss then i dont have to kill anyone

k- dylan o’brien

m- matt smith

f- chris evans